Twisted Road

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Private space

(1) Need private room. But everytime I am just alone, I turn on my mobile data connection and drwon into another world... A virtual world, there are somany so-called friends. And I pretend I get along with them so long.

(2) Or, am I feeling not well? No, I am not sure. I just feel I close to tears. But I didn't cry. It is strange to cry in front with your family members, right?

(3) In the end all you can do is keeping your facial expression in the timid, kind, polite way. On the other hand your heart is broken into many pieces. Your blood running like tears.

(4) Along the inner ego. The true heart.

(5) Yes I know my snetences is strange and wierd. My grammar are full of flaws. Many vcabularies I have remerberd gone away as time flies.

(6) In this evening as I driving my Dad's car, a voice came into my head. It calls me taking overduse.

(7) How many pills do I have now? Can I struggle succesfully to next month?

(8) I am so tired these days. But, no, you cannot do it.

(9) If God existed it is illegal to do suicide. If God does not. Maybe it is legal. And why I try so hard to keep me alive? For God or for family or for myself?

(10) The answer won't be the final one.